Hello, our names are Wes Penre and Ariel Glad.

I, Wes, wrote a long series of papers between 2010-2015 that have become very popular. They can be found at wespenre.com. They contain research into our hidden ancient history, and I spent a lot of effort reading and interpreting ancient texts. I noticed that they all presented the same story, even though they were from different parts of the world and separated from each other.

By cross-checking references, a new and very interesting picture started to emerge, and eventually, I noticed that by getting this fuller picture, it answered a lot of questions; not only about our past, but also about our present and our potential future. By understanding our ancient history, it becomes obvious why things are like they are in the world today.

A few years after the Wes Penre Papers were finished, I teamed up with Ariel Glad, and we have been a team ever since.

After deleting our YouTube channel, we started a new blog at https://wespenrevideos.com/. It contains all our YouTube videos and a lot of articles and various other things–we are continuously expanding our research, and we’re posting new videos and articles weekly as of this writing.

Each video has it’s own transcript that can be downloaded for free in PDF. The first 194 video transcripts can be found on this website, while all transcript from Video 195 and on can be found at wespenrevideos.com. Transcripts to all our articles can now be found on that blog, as well.

Hope you’ll enjoy!
Wes Penre and Ariel Glad, October 14, 2020