Article #7: The New Hidden Hand

by Wes Penre, March 9, 2019

Author: Wes Penre Publications

I am a researcher and a writer, and I am researching metaphysics, extraterrestrial intervention with Earth, spiritual growth, Artificial Intelligent, and much much more. Some people might know me from my website,, where I posted "The Wes Penre Papers" between 2011-2015. This blog contains my continuous research, following upon the context of the papers.

4 thoughts on “Article #7: The New Hidden Hand”

  1. Hi Wes,
    If you read “Eracidni Murev Te” backwards, you get “et verum indicare”, which is Latin and means “and to speak truth”. As far as I know, this backwards spelling is an indicator, that the opposite of the claim made, is the real background or intention. From the first few impressions I got, this character might well be a liar or imposter. What is your opinion about this?

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      1. He was NOT “born and raised in the cult”, he is NOT part of the “bloodline”. He even states “my Creator is not Lucifer”, meaning his Creator is Yahweh (planetary Logos).


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