Article #6: Who is Hidden Hand?

by Wes Penre, March 9, 2019

The Hidden Hand

In 2008, a character who called himself “Hidden Hand” appeared on the “Above Top Secret” forum (ATS). At the time, I found his information quite interesting, although I realized that this individual was not completely trustworthy when it comes to genuinely helping us out. However, I found it enlightening enough to accumulate the information and put it into an article, which I posted on my website, Illuminati News. You can still find the article there:

This character, for those who are familiar with the ATS thread, claimed to be an Illuminati Insider of an Illuminati bloodline, descending directly from Lucifer. He was, at that particular time, appointed to release some “true information” about the Bigger Picture. The article I created became incredibly popular, and still is to this day. Indeed, it’s one of the most popular articles I ever posted on the Illuminati News website.

Hidden Hand showed up one day on ATS, telling people to start asking him questions. He promised to answer them, if they had some relevance to our spiritual growth or would help us understand this Matrix better. He also said that he would be available for a certain number of days, and then he would leave the forum.

The Q&A between him and ATS members mainly circled around the Global Elite, aliens, and humankind’s spiritual development, such as ascension to the 4th and 5th Density.

Now, exactly ten years later, a person appears on the “Godlike Productions” forum (GLP). He goes by the username Eracidni Murev Te (which is not his real name), and he started a thread yesterday, on December 7, 2018, telling people to ask him questions. You will find the thread here:

When Ariel Glad and I looked into this new thread, we almost immediately recognized the similarities with Hidden Hand. A bit into the thread, someone asked if he is Hidden Hand, and the replied that he isn’t, and that the original Hidden Hand is no longer incarnated here. However, this new person, claiming to be human, just like Hidden Hand, also claims to be of the same bloodline and soul group as Hidden Hand. He is telling us that in certain intervals, a member of this bloodline is appointed to come out in public, giving us the opportunity to ask questions.

According to Hidden Hand and the new messenger, members of this Illuminati bloodline are direct descendants of Lucifer, who of course is They also believe that their Oversoul is Venus! Venus, as many people know, is the “Morning Star,” which is equivalent to Lucifer—his feminine aspect. Venus is also sometimes referred to as Isis, in this case seen as Lucifer’s counterpart. The entire task for certain members of this bloodline is to prepare themselves so they can educate humankind—or to educate those who have “ears to hear.” One way for them to do this is to study a large number of hidden texts—many of them apparently not in public domain—and learn them by heart. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth is one of them– one that Eracidni recommends. Another source that both he and Hidden Hand recommend is the “Ra Material” (”Law of One”) book series. We find this very interesting, and I will explain why later in this article.

Are Hidden Hand and Eracidni for real? Are they really who they say they are? Ariel and I believe so, and that’s for a reason. If you have watched our 3-part YouTube video series called, “The Orion Family Feud,” you know that is the one who wants to educate humankind, while Marduk wants us to de-evolve into his Singularity Agenda. We can exclude that these two messengers are of Marduk’s clan because he is not interested in educating us. However, is! Reading Hidden Hand’s and Eracidni’s material is eye-opening, if we want to know how’s faction of the Alien Invader Force (AIF) operates. Just like Thoth,’s son, has incarnated on Earth several times in order to educate us, so are these bloodline messengers here to educate us—they are particularly assigned and born for this mission. And on what platforms would be better to do that than on the most popular forums on the Internet, where truth-seekers often go to look for information?

Both Hidden Hand and Eracidni are giving us information that will lead us right into the arms of Nowhere are they talking about an exit. On the contrary, they say that we are here because somewhere deep inside our souls we want to be here. In other words, they are luring us into staying within the Matrix and accepting Lucifer as God. These messengers are trying to steer as many of us awakening humans to instead of to Marduk—they never give us the third option, which is to exit the Grid.

Moreover, both Hidden Hand and Eracidni are promoting an “Event,” i.e. a Harvest, which is a transition in densities. This is remarkable because it coincides with all the information we’ve received lately about the Event/Events that are supposed to happen in the near future. This clearly indicates that all the Events we are hearing about is a part of’s agenda.

Interesting also is that they both promote the Ra Material. This proves beyond reasonable doubt that the Ra Material comes from Personally, I believe the beings Carla Rueckert channeled were AI because of the way they communicated. Their messages were completely void of emotions, and their way of expressing themselves has always reminded me of a “robot.” I believe that just like Hidden Hand and Eracidni have learned what they know from studying tons of ancient texts and secret material, the RA “people” were programmed artificial intelligence, but on a much more advanced level than we are used to when we discuss AI.

Ariel and I encourage you to read the Hidden Hand material and the new information in the ongoing thread with Eracidni on GLP if you are interested in this topic. Although we now know who they are, and their motives, we still learn from it. The information contains information that we can use, but also, we learn more about how and his team are trying to set up humankind, so that we willingly choose him as the Father, rather than the Queen as our Mother, or Marduk as the alternative.

On the surface, it might seem like the first Hidden Hand from 2008 is on Marduk’s team and the new Hidden Hand is on’s team. This is more or less what the new Hidden Hand is suggesting, but is that really true? Or is it the same source creating the usual polarity that is always needed in this Matrix?

See Article #7: “The New Hidden Hand” for a compilation of the GLP thread.

Author: Wes Penre Publications

I am a researcher and a writer, and I am researching metaphysics, extraterrestrial intervention with Earth, spiritual growth, Artificial Intelligent, and much much more. Some people might know me from my website,, where I posted "The Wes Penre Papers" between 2011-2015. This blog contains my continuous research, following upon the context of the papers.

5 thoughts on “Article #6: Who is Hidden Hand?”

  1. After much study of the RA material, I have no doubt that Wes Penre’s take is correct. For all the talk of STO they themselves (so called ‘RA Collective’) offer us no useable help. Like the Urantia book and many other self proclained ‘Sources of Truth’, most are rabbit holes to distract us from learning how to exit the matrix/programmed simulation which our OverLord Controllers are desperate to mantain.


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  2. So interesting that Wes & Ariel point out that the Morning Star/Venus/Isis is the ‘feminine’ aspect of Lucifer (EN.KI). John V. Panella’s writings point out that The Morning Star is Lucifer, the Egyptian Sun God, Ra. How clever of our Controllers (as usual); our Sun is a ‘morning (viewed) star’. So then, I ask myself: is our sun,then, the ‘Masculine’ aspect of Lucifer?

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