Article #5: Why We Need to Get Rid of Attachments to Exit this Matrix

by Wes Penre, January 7, 2019

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Some Background

In 2016, I wrote an article called, “The Death Trap and How to Avoid it”[1]. I strongly advise you read that article before you proceed with this one, or what I’m going to tell you might not make sense.

In the 2016 article, I urged people to exit this Matrix upon death to avoid another reincarnation/recycling process. We are closing in on the Singularity, in which the human soul group will be trapped into a computer-simulated hive-mind reality, based on artificial intelligence. The plan is to trap our souls in non-biological bodies, based on nanotechnology, which will make these new bodies virtually immortal. As soon as a part of the bodies start malfunctioning, these body parts can be replaced, and no death will occur. Eventually, this will happen more of less automatically because of self-replicating nanobots that will replace our biological cells in the body.

Fig. 1. The soul/avatar leaving the physical body after death

This might sound wonderful, but our souls will be trapped in these bodies, and we will be hooked up to what we can compare to a Super-Computer, where all our souls are connected to each other—like how the Borgs in Star Trek. This hive-mind will be controlled by an extraterrestrial force some call the Anunnaki, but I call them the Alien Invader Force (AIF) or the Overlords. They are the ones who have controlled this Matrix for many thousands of years and are responsible for the sad affair we call Earth reality. Anyone with an open mind, who researches the Singularity, will understand that this is not something we want to experience.

Time is short—we are already in the middle of the process, and the Singularitists in Silicon Valley and elsewhere proclaim that the Singularity will be fully in place by 2045. This is why it’s so important that we don’t fall back into the recycling process again and instead exit this Matrix and join the community in the real Universe—the KHAA. How to do that is explained in the 2016 article, referred to above.

What About Those We Leave Behind?

Since I wrote the Wes Penre Papers (WPP)[2], many people have come to realize that it’s indeed urgent to leave this Matrix and let this be their last incarnation on Earth. The more people investigate this matter, the more determined they usually become. However, there is one problem…

We all have loved ones in this life, whether it’s parents, siblings, friends, or a significant other—it can even be material things or some passion that has made us build something we really like and love. What will happen to all those people and whatever else we’ve created once we’re gone? Will we ever meet our loved ones again?

For many thousands of years, we’ve reincarnated over and over into this Matrix, getting more and more traumatized over time. We carry this trauma with us into new incarnations—both our physical ancestral trauma and the trauma the soul has built up over time. It is buried in what we call the subconscious mind, and most of it is inaccessible to us while we’re still within this Matrix. We, who have come to insights about how this Matrix is constructed, know that we need to put an end to this—particularly now, as things are getting worse on the planet. The problem is that the people we love might not know about any of this, or they are not at the point in their spiritual growth that they care to investigate these things, even when they instinctively feel that something is very wrong with this world—they are too afraid to look.

Our Reaction to Those Who Are Unwilling to Look

What most of us do is to try to convince our loved ones about all these things, but the response is often either negative, or the other person applies a cognitive dissonance toward any subject that shakes their current view on reality. So, what should we do?

We can’t force anyone else to share the same world-view we have—that would be wrong and inflict on their freewill. Anyone has the right to think what they want and make choices in any direction they believe fit their own growth. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t suggest that they look into certain things so that they might eventually wake up to some uncomfortable facts. But we can’t, and should not, force anything on anybody. If they still don’t want to look, we need to let it go.

A mistake many people make when they try to convince their loved ones of the true nature of reality is that they approach it on a much too high level. We can’t start talking about extraterrestrial influences on our lives if the person still doesn’t think there is anything majorly wrong with what is happening in their daily lives. If they still believe that the media and the government are honest most of the time, we need to start on that level. We need to observe in the other person what level they are on and try to start educating them from that level and on—slowly but surely. However, if they are not receptible or even antagonistic about proceeding, we at least gave it a shot—that’s all we can do. If we cross that line and continue anyway, it will just create even more resistance. Then, it’s better to leave it, and maybe one day, something will spark their interest. Perhaps something will happen in their lives that make them want to research these things—at least that’s something we can hope for.

I understand that there are those who know about how to exit the Matrix and why it’s important, after having read my material, and perhaps other people’s research, but they still ponder whether they should reincarnate again anyway, so that they hopefully can help their loved ones in the next life. They understand that those who haven’t researched these things have no chance to leave this Matrix—there is only one practical way to do it, from my knowledge, and that is to exit through a hole in the Grid that surrounds our planet.

Our love for those close to us might be so strong that we are ready to do anything to help them—now or in the future. Still, even if we reincarnate again, what are the chances that we will meet our loved ones in the next life? Very slim, to say the least. Therefore, it is of little value for our own development and for those whom we love to come back here again. The risk of not being able to get out of the Matrix because of the amnesia when we are born is great.

What to Do

There is no way we can stop loving the people and pets we hold dear in our lives, and why should we? This is a very difficult situations because we have feelings and emotions, which is a good thing—we humans have the ability to love and love intensively. However, if everything fails, and our loved ones refuse to look into the things that we have learned, we will still love them just the same, but at the same time we need to prepare ourselves emotionally for that one day, there will be a separation that may, or may not, last forever—or at least for a very long time. It’s not so much different from how it already works here—we die and get separated, and perhaps we never meet again (or it might take many, many lifetimes, and we will still not remember who the other person was in a previous incarnation). The major difference, however, is that now we know that we will leave this construct and they might not. And we know that the chances to meet them again are slim. Therefore, we need to mentally prepare ourselves and confront that when our life is over, we must be ready to let go of everything that has to do with this Matrix.


When it’s time to exit, we must make sure that we do not have any emotional attachments to this world—it’s important that we are ready. This doesn’t mean we need to detach from the feelings we have towards certain people, pets, and material things, but regardless of these feelings, we need to be determined that we are willing to let them go, because what will happen if we don’t?

A few things might happen. Once we pass on and go into the astral, we might meet people who show themselves off as relatives, friends, lovers, or other dear ones. It’s very easy to fall for this and stop to talk with them, hug them, or whatever we want to do. They might even suggest we follow them into the Light, so we can be together with them. Be aware that these beings are most likely not our relatives—our relatives have since long reincarnated again (Ariel Glad and I discuss this in our YouTube videos[3]). So, don’t get fooled—there can be lots of distractions in the astral, attempting to lure us into the Tunnel and into the Light, so we can be recycled. This is the reason why it’s so important to let go of all attachments we might have, and these attachments can be numerous—we might not even be aware of all of them. However, even if we’re not, we need to make the decision that whatever attachment comes to mind when we exit, we ignore them.

Don’t Interact with Anything or Anybody in the Astral!

It’s very important that we stay focused when we exit. Once we realize that we are dead, we must look “up” (from the perspective of having the dead body beneath us) and spot the Grid above. We will see the holes. Without further delay, we think ourselves going through one of the holes in the Grid and get out on the other side. Once we’re on the other side, we’re in the KHAA—the real Universe—and we are thus out of the Matrix (read more about this in the article I mentioned in the beginning). Even if we see relatives, Jesus, or whomever it might be, ignore it and don’t participate in any communication. This can be extra difficult if the people we see appears to be people we have known in our lives, but it still needs to be done, because it’s a trap!

Is there any Chance we will Meet our Loved Ones Again?

I don’t want to come across as being too pessimistic on this subject, although it is a very sensitive issue. Whether we will ever see the souls we hold so dear completely depends on these souls. Will they wake up to their crass reality or not? If they do, they might find the right material and know what to do, if they are eager enough to find a soulution. Once they’re out of the Matrix, I believe there are ways to feel each other and communicate telepathically, and to meet. However, if the soul refuses to educate herself and continue going down with the Overlords and become part of the Singularity Agenda, the chances diminish exponentially.

On the bright side, no one knows how successful the Singularity will be, from the Overlords’ perspective, and therefore, if their plans fail at any time—even if it takes hundreds of years—the souls who are trapped in the Singularity Construct might be able to escape. A few hundred years sounds like a long time for us now, but once we’re in the KHAA, time is not that relevant—a few hundred years is not a very long time there.

Another option is that the Queen of Orion might terminate the entire Human Experiment and let all the human soul free. We don’t know how likely that would be, but it is still an option. There might also be other scenarios that can play out to humanity’s favor, and if so, the chances might be greater to meet our loved ones again.

The Importance of Educating Ourselves!

So, what should we do while we’re still here in the Matrix? Should we just stay idle and wait for our lives to be over? I would strongly suggest that we don’t! The reason for this goes back to the purpose of the soul. Why did the Divine Feminine (Source, All That Is) separate Herself from the main spiritual “body” and created separate units of Herself that became souls? She did that because She wanted to find out more about all aspects of Herself. This is the reason why we have freewill—we are free to explore what we call life, regardless of where we perceive ourselves to be. Souls are, in their pure form, very creative, curious, enthusiastic, loving, and compassionate—willing to explore things in order to expand their consciousness. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether we consider ourselves being trapped within this Matrix or not—we can continue creating here.

What is most important right now, in my opinion, is that we continue educating ourselves and work on ourselves—both as physical bodies and as soul beings. We humans are creator gods by default (see my previous research), and when we are done here, we are free to create in a big way out in the KHAA. We create with our minds—similar to Q in Star Trek.

We bring our experiences with us, as well as all our memories, when we leave the Matrix. This also means that we leave in the shape we’re in. What will you create in the KHAA? It depends on your level of consciousness and awareness, and therefore, the more we learn about ourselves, others, this Matrix, and the Universe beyond, the more we and other star races will benefit from our vast experiences on this planet.

Have we Graduated When we Leave the Matrix?

Before the Alien Invader Force (the AIF) took over this Experiment and isolated us from the rest of the Universe, our purpose was to graduate from being creator gods in a relatively harsh environment to become efficient creator gods in the KHAA. The Queen, as a manifestation of the Divine Feminine, divided Her own Spirit and created us—the human soul group—which means that we are Her, and She feel everything we feel. We were created with all this range of emotions as a gift—other star beings don’t have that. She wanted to see if we could work as individuals and as a soul group to overcome the sometimes harsh barriers and graduate, having more love and compassion than when we entered the planet. She wanted to create a higher level of creator gods—us.

Just because we exit the Matrix now, it doesn’t mean that all of us have graduated—it depends on each one of us. Graduation means that we feel we have accomplished what we need to accomplish—we have worked on ourselves to the degree that we can see ourselves in everybody else without judging them. We understand that everybody is on their own evolutionary path, and we accept that. We feel love and compassion both for ourselves and for other people and beings around us. We understand that we all have choices and have the right to make our own decisions, based on freewill, whatever these decisions might be and whether we agree or not. We care about others as much as we care about ourselves, because we are all part of one another. The closer we are to these goals when we exit, the better off we’ll be when we enter the KHAA. Thus, it’s important that we continue working on ourselves while we’re still here.

Because this is an emergency situation, where as many people as possible need to exit, not many of us will have graduated by the time we leave, but it’s important that we do our best to get as close as possible. And just because a person has all this information, it doesn’t mean that they are going to exit when it boils down to it. It all depends on our inner determination, focus, lack of attachments, and our awareness and consciousness level. Many, who thought they have no problem exiting might find themselves going toward the Tunnel nonetheless because they didn’t work on themselves hard enough to keep their focus. I’m mentioning this because I want as many as possible to be able to really do it when the time comes.



[3] Link to our video channel:

Author: Wes Penre Publications

I am a researcher and a writer, and I am researching metaphysics, extraterrestrial intervention with Earth, spiritual growth, Artificial Intelligent, and much much more. Some people might know me from my website,, where I posted "The Wes Penre Papers" between 2011-2015. This blog contains my continuous research, following upon the context of the papers.

15 thoughts on “Article #5: Why We Need to Get Rid of Attachments to Exit this Matrix”

  1. You are right in saying this is a sensitive subject!

    Death has… nor has EVER been discussed correctly or even acknowledged in a way that might prepare us for what is next. The Recycle System does not want anyone to understand what is happening to them (lest their plan fails).
    Thank you again, Wes… for your thorough and THOUGHTFUL information and presentation. Every word has a deliberate and caring presence as is your style.

    It is true, we have no idea what we are actually attached to. I have heard – the smell of (the love of) Chocolate could really be a problem in the realms of attachments. The smallest things we are attached to have become so common in our lives that we are completely unaware of them.

    Bravo… another excellent post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Greetings Wes,

    Absolutely thought-provoking material… glad to have stumbled upon your WPP those years ago; just one thing, in one of your WPPs you mentioned that all these emotions were a negative thing rather than a good thing… have you changed your mind on that issue? it seems you have. Oh, by the way… I have an inkling were Isis is, but cannot elaborate. Once again, thanks for your wisdom and insight in all that you do.


  3. They are not negative in themselves–in fact, we have, and will still have when we leave this Matrix, lots of benefits from possessing them. However, if we are young and naive (as souls), which we were when we were hijacked, our emotions can be taken greatly advantage of and used to manipulate us. This was exactly what happened. Hopefully now, when we exit the Matrix, we are not as naive anymore, and we’ve learned our lessons. No more manipulation of our emotions.

    It’s not very common that such manipulation happens in the KHAA, but it’s still something to be mindful about. I believe we’ve learned a lot in this regard, though, if we’re at the point where we exit the Matrix.


    1. As a youtube video said – Do they not fragment our souls and piece us together again with many other soul fragments? So in a sense we are brand new souls every time?


  4. Dear Wes,
    A doubt that always comes to mind is:
    And people with intellectual disability, down syndrome, what happened to make this “bug” happen?
    Would it not be an injustice, since they can not reach a certain level of knowledge?
    Have an opinion?

    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it is not fair, and I hate to be the bringer of “bad news.” Nothing in this Matrix is fair. Good people sometimes die young, while sociopaths and abusers might live until they are 95. Good people get abused and emotionally destroyed by bad people. We have little control over how our babies will turn out.

      If I got a child who was mentally handicapped, I would still talk to that child often and lovingly about the things I have learned. I won’t expect the child to react, but inside him/her there is a soul that will absorb what you’re saying. When the child grows up and eventually dies, they might remember what you said.

      I know we have to deal with the Singularity, as well, when it comes to a young child today, but we can only do the best we can and put out intentions that the child will be okay and manage to escape the new world of Transhumanism.

      Down’s Syndrome has to do with chromosome abnormalities, and other disabilities have other causes, of course. Much of it can be genetic, and Downs’ particularly often happens in children when the mother is in her 40s or thereabout.


  5. namaste
    am sharing what am experiencing

    am experiencing speed hum sound frequency expanding vibration fields
    its expansion is at an accelerated rate and this is on a daily expansion spree and this alongwith managing family responsibilities and throughout chaotic but works fine

    this is a never ending ever expanding solo journey where this will land have no idea

    this has relieved me from all illnesses and any or all types of diseases and freed me from any kind of stress that may have occurred due to any future medical issues though health isn’t my core focus and this process of health updates continues
    have realized we are expanding energy beings
    next day/week/month/year this is just expanding and moving towards further dense subtler levels

    my family and others will realize this when the appropriate event manifests and majority will experience this when their right moment arrives

    yes my belly transforms into a furnace and my brain gets fully charged and this vibration in wavesz form is live and active even now whilst texting

    this implies my air-oxygen transforms to hydrogen and further to helium at deeper levels and sometimes much further

    19 years back been to a 10 day vipassana session and on the 7th day at around 7-30 pm strolling around in an open playground meditating and in a trance state i started hearing this humming sound at the lower back of my brain (pineal gland)
    in the beginning it was weak but now this is huge (this what am referring to is ‘primordial energy fields’)

    in december 2012 there was a surge of flow energy from the lower back of my brain to my facial front
    now this has stabilized and expanded

    as this energy is surging ahead and i do believe this will show off at my external physical self after its completion of one more cycle of another 12years from 2012 to 2024 hence another 6 years stay of this speed hum sound frequency vibration fields which by then completes 24 years this will definitely start showing off results at my external physical self

    then this critical issue of showing off evidence from my side will be over/settled once for all
    as regards submission of reports to any institutions doesn’t arise as nobody has any idea or any previous knowledge of what am experiencing
    also have no faith in humans managing institutions

    just posting for information purpose as this cannot be taught
    can share my experience only at best can give tips or send healing flow vibration fields

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi all,
    I just wanted to share about an galatic vote did happen, last month and all are free to have their one thoughts about it. 😉
    Here is the message or announcment:
    “A MAJOR event in negotiations between the Federation and the Empire transpired earlier this evening, shortly before sunset, that I am required by intergalactic law to report. The Galactic Council, a mediating body between the Empire and the Federation, has abdicated after over 400,000 years of existence. Apparently, Queen Ninlil, who has ruled on Queen Nin’s behalf ever since Ereshkigal’s takeover of Earth, initiated the abdicating vote. She has decided that drastic action is necessary in light of Ea’s continued preparations for his invasion of the Galactic Center (which is solidly Imperial territory, and has been since before the wars), and especially the incoming 5G assimilation scheme here on Earth. The Council abdicated by a vote of 5-4, with Princess Isis casting the tie-breaking vote. Her vote of “Aye” was completely unexpected by Prince Ea, but given what he has put her through, I am not surprised in the slightest.”



  7. Very sad this guy erease my comment, your a deceptive person and dont want people know that many people post youtube videos about Jesus is the light and no one likes to go back but HIM send them back!, if you erease this post you are evil.


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